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The 'Euroclub Schools' Website was created with the purpose of providing information for children and young people about the culture and languages of France, Spain and Italy.  The information is provided free-of-charge.

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Owing to the nature of this website, there are many quotations and references made to famous works, places and people. The copyright of the many literary quotations and the many references made to literary, artistic and musical works and characters belongs to their Authors, Creators and Composers.

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The Music Videos seen on this website are hosted on You Tube. They have been selected and placed on the Euroclub Website for educational purposes and non-commercial purposes only.  We are aware that, in many cases, You Tube cannot be accessed in schools, therefore, when viewing the music videos during school-time perhaps only a blank box will be visible on the page.  'Euroclub Schools' does not claim any ownership of copyright relating to these videos.  Copyright for these videos belongs to their Artists, Composers and Creators.

The educational songs for teaching/learning languages were composed and produced by Leo Avorio in collaboration with Euroclub Schools.  They are embedded on our webpages via Sound Cloud and may be streamed but not downloaded.  

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