Edith Piaf: A Famous French Singer
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Edith Piaf
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Edith Piaf was a famous singer from Paris.  She was born in 1915 and was named after the heroic English nurse Edith Cavell.
Her father was an acrobat in a circus and he encouraged his daughter to perform as a singer when she was very young. 
Edith was not very tall.  Even when she was a grown-up she was very small.
Edith always performed wearing a black dress.  It was said that she looked like a little sparrow, so she was given the nickname 'La Môme Piaf' which means 'the little sparrow' in Parisian slang. 

Her real name was Edith Gassion.  

To hear Edith Piaf singing her two most famous songs,
('Je ne regrette rien' and 'La vie en rose'),
click on Tracks 41 and 42 on the Jukebox.  CLICK HERE.


Edith sang in Parisian nightclubs, including Le Moulin Rouge.
Le Moulin Rouge (meaning- The Red Mill) is a very famous cabaret club in Paris.  It was built in 1889.  It is recognised by an imitation red windmill on its roof.
Le Moulin Rouge  
(Image from Wikimedia Commons.)

Edith Piaf is considered to be one of the greatest singers of France.

(Image from Wikimedia, source Brittanica.com.  Copyright holder United Press International/Bettman Newsphotos. )

Edith Piaf died in 1963, aged forty-seven.  She was laid to rest in Père Lachaise Cemetery, Paris. 

(Image from Wikimedia Commons, author: PRA)

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